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The deep vein thrombus has the measure which the reason rule and adopts

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The vein thrombus is slow in the vein blood stream, the blood congeals high the state and under the tunica intima damage condition, the vein has the acute non-suppurative inflammation, and following has disease which the thrombus forms.

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It has the reason and the rule is:

(1), the age statistics revealed that increases the disease incidence rate along with the age to advance gradually, 80 year old of crowd's disease incidence rate is 30 year old of crowd's 30 times. The experiment also indicated that in senior citizen blood's hemoglutination factor activeness is high, the calf muscle's pumping is weaken causes the blood clump and in the valvulae venarum bag the stopped up is serious at the musculus soleus vein, therefore senior citizen deep vein thrombus (DVT) the disease incidence rate compares the young people to be high;

(2), the brake calf muscle's pumping is playing the vital role to the lower limb vein's backflow, after applying the brake, the venous blood backflow reduces speed obviously, thus added the DVT morbidity risk;

(3) the vein thrombus history statistics revealed that some 23%~26% acute DVT patient has had the vein thrombus medical history formerly, and these form newly the thrombus often comes from the original pathological change's vein, the research detected, recrudescence DVT patient blood Chang Chenggao congeals the state;

(4) the surgery surgery initiates DVT the reason including to encircle the technique time the brake, in the technique in the technique postosome the hemoglutination, the antifreeze and dissolves the hitch system's unusuality, as well as vein blood vessel's damage and so on;

(after 5) wound organism wound, the blood is at congeals high the state, also urges the thrombus formation;

(6) other obese, lower limb varicosity and heart function not entire and so on whether was DVT factor present Shang You easily argued, the multi-factor statistical analysis thought obese, lower limb varicosity and the heart function were not all not the independent factors easily, these patient easily DVT possible and the associated other factor concerned easily.

According to having the reason and the rule uses the following measure:①Use antifreeze medicine: After the technique first day starts with antifreeze medicines and so on low molecular heparin calcium to carry on the antifreeze treatment;②The early time carries on the recovery exercise: After the technique first day namely starts system's recovery training;③The prompt reexamination routine blood test, the blood biochemistry, the blood congeal the series, finds out patient's each situation;④In the treatment like the detection thrombus formation, asks the blood vessel surgical department to assist promptly to treat.

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