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The medical instrument transforms the initiation the sales feelings

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The 13th five year plan summary, the conference passes “45” national food and the drugs secure two plans. Mentions three points: First, process supervision; second, spot-check examination, risk early warning; third, technical support. At present the medical instrument profession big transformation, investigates rigorously all levels of tigers, the profession faced with the severe test form and “45” the union, is does not have a point to sleep lightly the medical instrument person. The straightforward point medical instrument sale is similar to we in pursues the question which in the female student process meets to be the same, must try to find solution, finally can hug the beautiful woman to turn over. Certainly you sell successfully, becomes the sales master, did not fear that does not have the beautiful woman to throw the bosom to deliver hugs.

“brave, careful, the face will be thick-skinned” this 7 character policy to be never wrong. The example said:

1st, the client said that I did not have the interest to this product am similar to you the beautiful woman said we were inappropriate. Must remember anything is possible, has not defeated must give up.

2nd, the client said that your manner was good is similar to really the beautiful woman said you were a good person. Must remember perhaps her value, she is needs you to compel, can perhaps be the dissimilar result.

3rd, so long as you. . . I. Must remember perhaps you do not need that big regressing, does not need to give preferential benefit that many, will change into other favor not necessarily to lose.

4th, the appointment number of times are more, the success is bigger.

5th, the common topic are more, the probability is bigger.

6th, the push finalized a deal the best opportunity, do not let the opportunity sneak off, tied the marriage not to have once more is so easy.

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