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The safety economy simple convenience healing presses the sore to think of the meter!

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According to the related document report, has 60,000 people to die approximately every year in presses the sore merge to draft.Presses the sore, also calls the pressure ulcer, the bedsore, because the local organization long-term bearing, occurs continues to lack the blood, the oxygen deficit, the malnutrition sends the organization fester necrosis. The skin presses the sore in the recovery treatment, nursing is a general question.

In the tumor internal medicine department patients along with the condition worsening, the whole body exhaustion, presses sore's formation rate to be high, reported according to the document, thinks of the meter to be possible to apply in presses the sore patient's treatment, this administrative offices act according to the patient situation, regardingⅡ~ⅢThe time pressure sore adopted has thought of the meter powder to spread Yu Yachuang directly the injured area the method, posted compared with ulcer has received a better effect.

Thinks of the meter to be called the montmorillonite to disperse, for the natural montmorillonite particle medicinal powder, has the lamellar structure and the heterogeneous charge distribution, to in digestive tract's virus, the bacterium and produces the toxin, the gas and so on has greatly strengthened fixed, the inhibitory action, is it loses the pathogenesis function; In addition has the very strong cover safeguarding ability to the digestive tract mucous membrane, the repair, enhances the mucous membrane barrier to attack the factor the defense function, has the balanced normal flora and the local analgetic function. Generally uses in the diarrhea patient, based on this medicine

①To mucous membrane bacteriostasis anti-virus function,

②Suppresses the check local toxin the damage,

③The repair mucous membrane's pharmacological action, presently applies in presses sore's treatment.

Receives the good effect. After the patient principal claim spreads the medicinal powder, the ache uncomfortableness reduces.

Method: With the physiological saline clean injured area, takes the aseptic gauze to dip directly again takes thinks of the meter powder puff Yu Yachuang injured area, causes the injured area holds dry, one day several times, avoided the local bearing,

Notice: After local like has moist gives the physiological saline cleanly immediately, thinks of the meter powder cover. My branch 3 examplesⅡThe time presses the sore to use this method, 3 day obvious change for the better, 5~7 day injured area dry scab heals basically. Avoided pressing sore's further development, reduced the patient pain!

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