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Three ball meter breath trainer introduction

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Because the breath trainer its three different color's ball is called three ball meters. It byNips the mouth, the outer covering, the float and the connecting pipe composition.Breath trainer three ball metersCan wellImproves the patient lung function, enhances the patient surgery tolerance, after reducing the technique complication, and carries, the ease of operation, the patient easy to grasp trains voluntarily.

The breath training changes the meter (three ball meters)

First, three ball meter breath trainer use principle

1st, regards the patient lung function condition to produce in differently the enough big chest through the different gas speed of flow Asia, thus presents the biggest transpulmonary pressure.

2nd, this pressure difference causes the pulmonary alveolus in the inspiration by a biggest air current rapid advance line of overinflation, may prevent the occurrence which lung collapse or the lung do not open.

3rd, the repeated exercise, strengthened has breathed the myo- strength, enhanced the pulmonary alveolus to absorb the oxygen ability, recovered the lung function the normal state.

Second, three ball meter breath trainer user

1st, is suitable in the chest abdominal surgery patient

2nd, swallows the function barrier, the aphasia patient

3rd, the machinery ventilation and so on causes the lung function descender

4th, needs to carry on the lung breath function recuperator

5th, other

Breath trainer use crowd .jpg

Third, three ball meter breath trainer application method

Inspiration training

1st, before starting to train the breath, the normal inspiration, puts in the trainer in front of the user, puts in air feeder's mouth department the interlabial.

2nd, the slow inspiration, attracts the ball, as far as possible long time holds this position, moves away air feeder's mouth department, the slow expiration, rest a while, the breath returns normally, obeys the medical treatment and nursing to enjoin, redundant training. (exercise prescription: Every day trains at least the BID,10 inferior health, continual 5 chapters)

3rd, after each time uses, will breathe the trainer to nip the mouth water used clean, to air dry, returns in the bag spare.

Expiration training

Places three ball meter breath trainer inversion, process with inspiration training.

Four: Three autumn meter breath trainer merit:

1. Spain original installation imports, the craft is in the lead, the quality is reliable;

2. does not contain the rubber latex, will not cause patient's allergy;

3. including PVC (polyvinyl-chloride), does not have destructiveness to the conditions

4. including DEHP (phthalic acid ester), the suspicious carcinogen (American FDA does not interdict to use on human body)

5. prevents the breakage the design, is not easy to be injured by falling down;

6. is loaded with the dust and the pellet filter, clean health;

7. against bacteria attract the mouth, avoids in the hospital and accident's infection validly;

8. attaches the bed and the patient name label, is advantageous for the recognition;

9. passes through the domestic many big hospitals the breath branch, the thoracic surgery, the heart surgical department, the Pu surgical department, the old age branch and the recovery branch and so on clinical proof, and has many dissertation references;

10. is suitable for the improvement breath depth and the duration, after the prevention and the reduced technique the complication, improves the lung function, provides the lung reserve.

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