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Uses the target which medical ties a belt approximately is what?

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Medical ties a belt is approximately one kind safeguards the patient safety the installment, uses in the moving restlessly patient having the self-inflicted injury or falling bed's danger, when the treatment needs to fix bodily some spot, limits his/her bodily and body's activity. The use ties a belt approximately the target has following three:

1st, checks the patient risk behavior the occurrence, if commits suicide, the self-inflicted injury, the extreme excited impulsion, has the obvious aggressive behavior, avoids the patient injuring other people or the self-inflicted injury.

2nd,Body barrierConsciousness barrier moving restlessly patient prevents to fall the bed.

3rd, to treats, nurses the patient who does not cooperate, quality of certified level nursing can implement smoothly.

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Mongolia extreme nurses The dedicated medical clinical nursing thing research and development production medical ties a belt approximately the Manufacturer, the production ties a belt approximately for 10 years, the quality assurance.

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