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Waterproof medical anti-bedsore mattress,from MengTai,DongGuan

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The most important way to prevent bedsore is to avoid long-term pressure on local body tissues and turn over the patient every 2 - 3 hours. This is the most convenient, simple and effective way to prevent bedsore. Take care to lift the patient gently off the bed surface when turning over, and do not drag, pull or push, otherwise it will easily cause bedsore if the skin is grazed.

Therefore, in order to reduce the amount of nursing care, mattress will usually be used. The most common mattress on the market is the air cushion bed, which is powered on and filled with air. Fluctuations in air can relax muscles and promote blood circulation, thus achieving the effect of preventing bedsore.

MengTai's static pressure sore prevention mattress is made of polyurethane sponge, double-layer design, and the surface layer is die-cut in square form to achieve the effect of dispersion pressure without connecting power supply. Is this safer?

MengTai‘s static pressure sore mattress, 

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