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What Exactly Should Be The Choice of Psychiatric Restraint Methods?

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Restraint is an important way to protect patients from harming themselves and others. In psychiatric clinical work, as long as the mention of restraining the patient, is the first thing that comes to mind is the use of restraining belts to restrain the patient in the hospital bed?

In particular, the magnetic restraint belt is currently the most widely used. It is easy to operate, has a high safety factor, prevents unauthorized personnel from opening the restraint belt, and can be used in a variety of scenarios, such as standing up, lying down, and going out.

1. Magnetic Restraint Belt

Four-point restraints with magnetically controlled restraint straps are particularly suitable for patients who pose a serious threat to their own or others' personal safety. However, the literature suggests that there are many drawbacks to these restraint methods, such as abrasions, bruises, muscle strains and fractures that can occur when the patient breaks free from the restraint.

Foot Restraint Belt

2. Magnetic Restraint Chair

Magnetic Restraint Chair is an alternative to four-point restraint. The backrest of the restraint chair can be adjusted and the dining board can be retracted, which makes it easy for the patient to eat. It is a safe and comfortable method of restraint for the patient, and it is also easier for the family to accept.

restraint chair

A study conducted qualitative interviews with psychiatric nurses about their feelings about the use of restraint chairs, and the results showed that restraint chairs are easier to use, more user-friendly, have fewer complications, are highly comfortable, and enhance the therapeutic relationship compared to four-point restraints. The restraint chair may be a safe and effective alternative to traditional four-point restraints, but more research is necessary to validate this.

3. Safety Restraint Garment

Restraint garments include restraint undershirts, full-body all-in-one protective garments, upper-body restraint garments, and restraint gloves. Restraint garments are a more relaxed form of restraint. Restraint undershirts are limited to use in the hospital bed, but patients can move their limbs.

Safety Restraint Garment

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