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What Mattress Is Suitable For Disabled Elderly To Prevent The Occurrence Of Bedsore?

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Static Anti-bedsore Mattress

The elderly who lose the ability to take care of themselves are called disabled elderly, and one of the common complications of disabled elderly is bedsore, because the local long-term pressure, tissue ischemia and hypoxia lead to skin collapse, resulting in bedsore. Once the skin is broken, it is undoubtedly worse for the disabled elderly, and it is especially important for caregivers to master prevention methods. The prevention of pressure sores has anti-pressure sores air cushion and static anti-bedsore mattress, the air mattress helps the elderly turn over once every 2 hours, because the noise of the air pump is not conducive to the rest of the elderly, while the air cushion has a sense of dizzy waves, so you can choose static anti-bedsore mattress for the disabled elderly, Montai anti-bedsore mattress is static design, the elderly can have a quiet sleeping environment when using. And its selection of polyurethane sponge and memory cotton material composition, double-layer design, good decompression effect, waterproof and breathable coat, can keep the skin dry. In addition, static anti-bedsore mattresses do not incur additional costs due to power, and there is no risk of air leakage.

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