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Wheelchair Seat Belt, To prevent fall

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The old people's health is declining and they are not as good as before. In their daily life, they should pay great attention to their health. Many old people need to rely on wheelchairs for a long time because of their weak health or illness, and they are not able to walk. At this time, they need to take extra care so as to avoid accidents such as falling down of the old people caused by wheelchairs.

As the saying goes, " Not afraid of ten thousand, just afraid of one thousand. " No one can predict the accident, but it is within one's power to take measures to prevent it. MengTai nursing supply CO., LID and nursing colleges in China have jointly developed it. through clinical trials, MengTai  nursing has newly launched wheelchair safety belts, which are mainly used to prevent possible slipping and falling in wheelchair for a long time and provide a guarantee for the elderly in wheelchair.

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