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Which change are neurosis's indications possibly

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Neurosis (psychosis) refers to the serious psychological barrier, psychological activities and so on patient's understanding, emotion, will, movement behavior may present the lasting obvious unusuality; Cannot the normal study, the work, the life; The movement behavior was understood with difficulty by the average person; Under morbid psychology's control, has the suicide or the attack, injures other people the movement behavior. I.e., neurosis is one spiritual activity barrier disease. It is possibly, for instance depression which the birth defect or the congenital heredity cause, schizophrenia sickness, is also possibly, for instance the long-term ethyl alcohol dependence, the sentiment which causes because of personal reason suffer setbacks, the pressure oversized and so on.

China is a neurosis great nation - - huge population base, the transition period social pressure, has expedited the huge dysphrenia community. The data displayed that up to 2014 year's end, the serious dysphrenia patient who the nation registers reaches 4,300,000 people; Some related investigations showed that China has 200,000 people to commit suicide every year because of the depression, the depression patient total reaches 90,000,000 people, in which 91% depression patient never goes see a doctor; According to the WHO data, the schizophrenia sickness influence whole world 210,000,000 populations, its patient is committing suicide the risk compared to other people of high 50 times ......

Because very many people reasons and so on emotion question, work life pressure will produce some psychological abnormality to change, some people will not note the adjustment, finally piled up repeatedly has then formed neurosis, which let us have a look at to change together can cause neurosis.

The first point, disposition sudden change

The disposition eccentric, to the human indifferent, is not willing to see the human, the uncommunicative few languages, the mood changeable, is terribly suspicious and fearful, to be in a daze frequently, to talk to oneself from smiles, the suspicion layer on layer, often appears extreme excited or despondent widowed happy, for no reason has a fit of temper perhaps the tense fear and so on.

The second point, the behavior is strange

For instance the long time looks in a mirror frequently, puts on is dressing up strange, good minds others' business, the petty action increases or the movement slow, washes the hands repeatedly, always thought that dropped any matter, was swayed by personal gains and losses, regard the waste garbage to valuable, will present the suicide, the self-inflicted injury, the impulsion suddenly, leaves, symptoms and so on non-self-awareness strength;

The third point, state of mind change

Will always present the phonism or the illusion, the sleep drop in quality, often will appear goes to sleep the difficulty, Yi Xing, the multi-dream nightmare, awakes early, sometimes all night the dormancy has not been stranded Italy, on the surface the energy is excellent, the regulations attention difficult to concentrate, speaks incoherently.

The fourth point,The spoken language is unusual

Kicks up a fuss for no reason, the speech talks incoherently, always thought that some people discuss themselves in the behind, others said the words are in view of oneself, loves the human who speaks becomes suddenly does not like saying, does not like the human who speaks breaking to pieces the language to be unceasing frequently.

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