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in 2017 practicing physician registered started, one year two time!

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on February 4, 2017, the national health and birth control committee doctors the qualifications Board of examination announced that in 2017 doctor the qualifications test has carried on the bulletin on the related item.

This year takes a test has several points tremendous changes:

1st, the test registration time and the test time are ahead of time:

On the network registers the time: on February 4, 2017 to February 22 24:00.

On-the-spot audit time: on February 24th, 2017 - on March 10.

Skill test time: on June 17th, 2017 - on June 23

Written examination test time: on August 26, 2017 and on 27th

2nd, personal registration information cannot modify:

From 2017, no longer accepts personal registration information modification. Therefore examinee in filling in registration information time, must fill in earnestly certainly, submits cannot modify once more.

3rd, three province experiment sites “one year two try”

in 2017 in Tianjin, Hainan Province and Yunnan Province develops doctor qualifications test clinical practicing physician, clinical disciple assistant doctor, has stipulation school record Chinese medicine practicing physician and has stipulation school record Chinese medicine disciple assistant doctor the medicine synthesis written examination “one year two to try” the experiment site.

Practicing physician takes a test is the present capacity quite low one kind of test, according to the old times statistical result, the comprehensive capacity generally about 25%.

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