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Differences Between MengTai Magnetic Restraint Belts And Traditional Cloth Restraint Belts

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MengTai magnetic restraint belt

There are five main differences between MengTai's patented psychiatric magnetic restraint belt and traditional cloth restraint belt:

1, the difference in material

Traditional cloth restraining belt is generally made of ordinary cloth, montel magnetic control restraining belt is mainly made of cotton webbing, cotton fiber, stainless steel buckle, lamb's wool cushion, Velcro and other components. The product composition includes a safety belt, two buckles, two locks nail, a magnetic control key.

2, the difference in operation

The operation of the traditional cloth restraint belt is relatively inconvenient, one end should be tied to the bed, one end should be tied to the patient's constraint parts, the operation is time-consuming, and the degree of smoothness is greatly reduced. MengTai magnetic control restraint belt is relatively simple, only need one end through the bed, adjust the appropriate length, Velcro end of the patient's constraints on the site, on the magnetic control lock.

3、Difference in safety factor

The quality of the traditional cloth restraint belt is insufficient, and it can withstand less tension, which is easy to be torn off, and the patient can untie it by himself, which can't protect the patient and the nursing staff better. MengTai magnetic control restraint belt can withstand a large pull force of 2000N, after buckling the magnetic control lock, you need a magnetic control key to unlock, the patient can not open it without authorization, the safety of patients and caregivers can be guaranteed.

4, the difference in the sense of use

Traditional cloth restraining belt, the product is relatively simple, the material is rough, in the clinical use, if the mental mania encountered in the case of pulling, it will lead to the patient restrained parts of the injury. MengTai magnetic control restraint belt has fully considered this point, the constraint part is made of cashmere wool, which can give good protection to the patient's constraint part and is not easy to strangle.

5、Difference in objective feeling

After the survey of clinical data, many patients' families have a low rating for traditional cloth restraints and feel that these products are not humanized enough. MengTai magnetic restraint belt is a combination of beautiful product design, good clinical utility, safety factor and other advantages, to the patient's family objective feeling is better.

At present, MengTai magnetic restraint belt has been widely used in major hospitals, psychiatric departments, detention centers, drug rehabilitation centers and other scenarios, praise constantly.

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