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How To Use Restraint Gloves Correctly? What Restraint Gloves Are Recommended?

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In order to control the agitation, fuzzy consciousness behavior of the elderly or patients elderly or patients of dangerous behavior, to avoid harming others or self-injury, to prevent accidents such as falling out of bed, crash, life often on the restless, with the tendency to pull out of the tube and do not cooperate with the elderly or patients to carry out a certain amount of restraint.

There are many restraint products on the market, including limb restraint belt, restraint undershirt, restraint gloves, etc., with a wide range of functions. Today, for one of the commonly used restraint tools in home care: restraint gloves, the selection and use of instructions, in order to facilitate the caregiver to implement care more safely.

1.How to use restraining gloves

Generally consists of three parts: entrance part, glove part and fixation strap. The outer side of the entrance part is equipped with a Velcro strap or magnetic buckle design, which plays a role in fixation; the glove part is made of breathable mesh, with two layers on the palm side and dorsal side.

When restraining the patient, the patient's palm is placed along the palm side, and after the entrance section is fixed, the fixation band is then fixed with the surrounding facilities. The movement of the patient's hand inside the glove is restricted, and the patient is unable to make hand grasping movements.

2.Types of Restraint Gloves

1、Ordinary type

Advantages: simple design, good breathability, affordable, easy for caregivers to see the state of the hand inside the glove.


2、Front opening type

Advantages: the front end of the glove is technically improved with a zipper, so that when you need to operate, you can complete the operation by opening the zipper without lifting the restraint.


3、Front opening plus fixed ring design type:

Advantages: Adhering to the advantages of the front opening type, but also added the design concept of fixed fingers, aimed at preventing finger twisting contracture.


4、Separate fingers type

Advantages: to avoid five fingers contracture, mutual gouging injury.

Protective restraint is a means to safeguard the safety of the elderly or patients with agitation, fuzzy consciousness behavior, and must be used to maintain the functional activities of each limb as much as possible.


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