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MengTai Static Anti-decubitus Mattress Use And Precautions

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Static Anti-Pressure Sore Mattress is a patented product developed, produced and marketed by MengTai Nursing, which has entered more than 3,000 general hospitals and 200 nursing care institutions across the country, and today introduces you to the product's usage precautions and maintenance methods.


1, unpacking the mattress, pay attention not to use knives and other sharp objects to cut the packaging, so as not to scratch the mattress. Mattress outer packaging as shown in the above picture, the certificate of conformity is pasted on the side of the outer packaging.

MengTai Static Anti-decubitus Mattress

2、Confirm that the bed board is flat, no foreign objects, no protruding objects, and place the cutting surface (which is concave and convex to the touch) facing upwards, directly on the bed. Wrap the cotton sheet around the whole mattress, ready for use.

MengTai Static Anti-decubitus Mattress


1. Before use, it is recommended to put a sheet on the mattress

The anti-decubitus mattress produced by Montel consists of a pressure-reducing cushion, a waterproof bedspread, and a bedspread. When using it, it is recommended to configure another sheet to keep the bedspread and mattress hygienic and avoid the pressure-reducing mattress from contacting liquid.

2, waterproof bedspread is dirty, to clean in time

Bedspread available disinfectant soaked towel wipe disinfection, can also use ultraviolet irradiation or ozone disinfection way to clean.

3, avoid contact with sharp objects and corrosive liquids

If the bedspread is scratched by sharp objects or eroded by corrosive liquids, it can not play a good protective role for the mattress, may shorten the service life of the mattress. If the jacket and bedspread are found to be damaged, they must be replaced in time.

4, below generally do not need to place another mattress

Montague care currently launched a variety of anti-decubitus mattress, mattress size can be customized according to demand. In general, the purchase of anti-decubitus mattress thickness ≥ 10CM do not need to add an ordinary mattress. If the thickness is 7CM, you can consider adding an ordinary mattress to be placed underneath.

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