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Purpose of Magnetic Control Restraint Belt Use

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magnetic control restraint belt

Magnetic control restraint belt through the restriction of the patient's body or certain parts of the body, their behavioral activities, to achieve the maintenance of the patient, as well as other people and financial security, to ensure the effect of treatment. The purpose of the application is to prevent psychiatric or as well as other high fever, delirium, coma, agitation and critical patients, due to weakness, unconsciousness or other reasons and fall out of bed, bump, scratch and other accidents, to ensure patient safety at the same time to ensure that the treatment, care work is carried out smoothly. It is also suitable for use in drug rehabilitation centers, judicial organs, welfare institutions and other situations where restraint is required. It has a solid structure and is easy to use, and the person controlling the magnetic control lock can avoid non-authorized personnel from opening it.

magnetic control restraint belt

Magnetic control restraint belt note:

1, before use, let the patient do a good job of psychological care, explain the relevant knowledge of the restraining belt.

2, restraining belt in the short-term use, the use of the patient's limbs in a functional position.

3, although montel magnetic control restraining belt padding, but the use of the appropriate tightening and loosening. Observe (at least once every 15 minutes) the skin color, temperature, activity and sensation of the restrained area. Restraint belt should be loosened at regular intervals and relaxed every 2 hours, and local massage should be carried out when necessary.

4, Detailed records of the patient's use, such as the reason for use, time, site, observation results, exposure to the restraint time.

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