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The Plug-in Magnetic Restraint Belt Replaces The Traditional Handcuffs To Achieve "0" Negative Evaluation

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The voluntary drug rehabilitation center at Yongfeng Hospital in Hanyang District, Wuhan City, has been continuously recognized as an advanced drug rehabilitation unit in Hubei Province and Wuhan City for many years. However, it is known that the institute uses cloth restraining belts and traditional cold handcuffs, which sometimes cause injuries to the drug addicts and even injuries to the medical staff.

In order to solve this problem, Mr. Wang, the head of the institute, contacted MengTai Nursing to provide a restraining appliance that could effectively prevent patients from self-injury and could play a protective role for patients and caregivers.

After matching the needs, MengTai's Plug-in Magnetic Control Restraint Belt can meet the above needs and can effectively prevent self-injurious behaviors of drug addicts. In accordance with the agency's legal requirements, as little restriction and use of aggressive restraints as possible, and this safety system is also suitable for community, automobile, wheelchair, stretcher and other services.

After learning more about the system, Mr. Wang believed that the MengTai's Plug-in Magnetic Restraint Belt fully meets the needs of the drug rehabilitation center, so he purchased two sets for initial use. Later, the feedback from the department was so good that Mr. Wang decided to replace all the traditional cloth restraints with MengTai's Plug-in Magnetic Restraint Belt, which has successfully achieved "0" negative evaluation and a better reputation in the drug rehabilitation center.


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