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What Are The Product Features of ICU Style Anti-extubation Restraint Gloves?

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ICU Protective Restraining Gloves are developed and produced by MengTai for ICU, neurosurgery and geriatric patients who need therapeutic tubing. And this restraining glove is summarized with 4 major features.

1. mesh fabric, comfortable and breathable: the back of the hand of the restraint gloves is made of elastic mesh material, which can keep the patient's hand ventilated and breathable, not stuffy.

2. long zipper design, more convenient for nursing staff to observe: the top of the restraining gloves is designed with a zipper, which can be opened to observe the hand condition.

3. soft decompression, sweat absorption and breathability: the palm shield of the restraining gloves has a built-in substrate, which can effectively limit the patient's hand grasping function.

4. Pressure-reducing soft cushion, preventing strangulation: The pressure-reducing soft cushion material is used in the wrist area of the restraint gloves, which can effectively avoid the pressure of the straps on the local skin from pressure sores.

ICU protective restraint gloves

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