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The Magnetic Restraint Chair Developed by MengTai Has 5 Major Features And Advantages

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The Magnetic Restraint Chair developed by MengTai has indeed brought significant convenience and innovation to the field of medical care. Here are the features and advantages about this product:

1. Invented by nurses, patent certified:

MengTai magnetically controlled restraint chair was invented by a team of nurses based on the needs of their actual work, which fully demonstrates the innovative thinking of nursing staff and their in-depth understanding of patients' needs, as well as being certified as a national utility model patent.

2. Magnetic locking device:

The use of magnetic control locking device fixed not only improves the safety of the product, but also makes the process of locking and unlocking easier. The one-second locking and unlocking design greatly saves the time of healthcare workers, enabling them to pay better attention to the needs of patients.

3. Imported ash wood material:

The choice of imported ash solid wood material ensures the durability and stability of the product. With a certain weight, it makes the chair more stable and not easy to move when fixing the patient, thus improving the safety of the patient.

4. Porous eyelet bay design:

The multiple eyelets on the chair can be flexibly adjusted according to the patient's body shape and activity needs to meet the individual needs of different patients. This design not only improves patient comfort, but also increases the applicability and flexibility of the product. 5. Breathable decompression jacket.

5. Breathable decompression jacket:

Equipped with a breathable decompression jacket, it effectively improves patient comfort and reduces the discomfort caused by prolonged immobilization. The breathable design helps to keep the patient's skin dry and clean, reducing the occurrence of skin problems.


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