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These Are The Top 5 Benefits of MengTai's New Magnetic Restraint Belt That You Need To Know About!

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As a medical assistive device, the unique advantages of the MengTai Magnetic Restraint Belt lie in its humanized design, high safety factor, and convenient operation, providing safer and more comfortable restraint care for psychiatric patients. Advantages of MengTai Magnetic Restraint Belt:

1. High Safety

MengTai magnetic restraint belt is made of high standard cotton webbing with metal locking nail buckle and other high-quality materials, which can withstand up to 5000N tension, effectively avoiding the patient to break away from the constraints caused by the potential safety hazards.

The special magnetic control lock design makes it possible for only authorized personnel to open the restraining belt, and unauthorized personnel cannot open it, which further enhances the safety of the product.

2. Humanized Design

The magnetically controlled restraining belt adopts lamb's wool soft cushion design in the position of contacting the patient's skin, which can effectively protect the skin from being strangled and prevent the occurrence of pressure sores.

The humanized design of the alloy eyelets allows nursing staff to adjust the range of limb movement according to the patient's actual needs, providing more free space for the patient and reducing their discomfort.

3. Efficient And Simple Operation

The design of the magnetic control key makes the nursing staff only need to gently press or suck to realize one-second unlocking and one-second locking, which is easy and fast to operate and greatly reduces the nursing workload.

Compared with traditional restraint methods, the use of MengTai magnetic restraint not only improves nursing efficiency, but also ensures patient safety.

4. Widely Used

MengTai magnetic restraint belt has been widely used in more than 1,000 elite health centers, psychiatry departments of general hospitals, ICUs and other departments across the country, providing safe and comfortable restraining care for patients.

Its application areas also include drug rehabilitation centers, detention centers, detention centers and other places to ensure the safety of patients or drug addicts.


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