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Use and Precautions of Restraint Belts

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Mengntai Teaching | Use and Precautions of Restraint Belts

1、 The purpose of using Restraint Belts

Restraint Belts are tools used to restrict the physical or limb movements of patients, prevent self injury or harm to others. There are magnetic control restraint belts and fabric restraint belts divided by material, and suitable restraint belts can be selected according to the needs of patients.

Restraint Belts are commonly used for protective braking to prevent accidents such as bed falls, collisions, and scratches caused by unclear consciousness in patients, which is beneficial for the smooth progress of treatment. In clinical practice, restraint bands are commonly used in patients with high fever, delirium, coma, restlessness, as well as psychiatric and critically ill patients.

2、 Which situations are suitable for using restraint belts?

1. Angry and hurtful

Many elderly people often suffer from prolonged illness, leading to emotional anxiety, depression, irritability, and fear of causing trouble to others. They are often despised and may self harm or harm others.

2. Falling bed

Elderly people who are disoriented, restless, have seizures, unstable emotions, stubborn, and do not cooperate with treatment are prone to falling out of bed.

3. Refusing treatment

Elderly people who need to fix a certain part of their body for treatment and those who have a clear tendency to have their tubes removed.

Scientifically and reasonably selecting the use of restraint belts, applying personalized nursing models to clinical practice, reducing the discomfort of the elderly, can effectively reflect a humanized nursing model, and improve nursing quality. Mengtai Nursing focuses on the research and development, production, and sales of psychiatric protective restraint belts. If you need more product information and introductions, you can contact us.

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